Non nobis: Eternum sub rosae.


THE GIGSAW (2010) 

        Symptoms of Life

Beyond these iron gates
Waits, my audience, for this night’s main play
They urge to see my smile
Although my conscience hangs from last night’s crimes

Although my eyes burn, I shall face the dance
Although my tears pour, I shall flood the place
Although my heart aches, I shall grant them trance
This greasepaint mask hides more than just my face

          Igneous Vortex Dancer

Since birth, rush’s been my guidance
No lie or truth I’ve heard
My urges to breathe new wilderness
Were born and died in me

From curse to bliss, repulse to miss
Pride to raw knees
My winged feet run around the sun
To the dawn of my dreams

          Enslavement of Beauty

My soul screams in silence
My cold hands claw the wind
My outfits blame my sinner core
The beauty is the beast

At least I’ll give you my love
My voice will call your namesv Then we’ll drown in your warm blood
Naked without shame

I’ve seen their lies (flashing through their empty smiles)
I’ve seen their lies…
I’ve been the Wife (the Hag, the Mother, Daughter and Crow of Death)
I grant the Life

Na trí bandraoithe, Badhbh, Macha agus Mórríoghan

So dark my eyes of treason… So bright my brainwash spell…
The Armless Beauty and Bent-Back Hag share the same gold shell

I’ve seen their lies (flashing through their empty smiles)
I’ve seen their lies…
I’ve been the Wife (the Hag, the Mother, Daughter and Crow of Death)
I’ll take their lives

Take off my mask! Take off my mask! (Please let me be)
Take off my mask! Take off my mask! (This mirror lies to me)

Bendacht dee ocus andee fort, a ingen!


     I: Spring (instrumental)

     II: Summer

If it weren’t to be now, tell me when it was going to be?
You build your creed and make believe you better stay right here
But when it comes down to the thing, you are older than you imagine
And if it doesn’t make things happen now, perhaps it’s your last chance.
It’s too late. Too late

     III: Autumn

The winds are howling on my blue hands – I think I couldn’t hear the starting gun
My senses tangled to the core – I stand to a few dreams waiting for more

     IV: Winter

Now you’re close to see an end and feel the story must be told
But in the end we see the story has just begun


     Primeiro Gesto: Fobos

     Segundo Gesto: Deimos

“Atielhoc acir amu me sodnu kef sopmac setse amrofsnart
E etnemes aut amot; ocitnâc uet aoce, samirgál sad sued, arreug ad rohnes
Soãmri suet rop odaido, serap suet ertne ohnartse
Edadinamuh ad olegalf, onasni sued, etram”

          Your Eyes

I dreamt of your eyes
So dark, they followed me
Across a freezing night
They came to set me free

‘Cause as the drop wants to be river
My suffering wants to spread more pain
And as I walk down through the street’s light
Searching for my first victim
Your dark eyes shine, showing me the way

          The Order

Cold moon rides in the skies
Like a gloomy still life
And from dusty old pages, I read the tales

Secret ancient legacies
By an artist’s hands come
For most eyes not to see, one can’t deny them

The glimpse of twilight and the immortal dreams by the sea
.: What dwells just for now can be eternal :.
Become witnesses of all unconceivable secrets
And symbols of our Mother Nature
Novus Ordo Seclorum comes from ancient papyri
And the deepest of the roots grants forever
One split the thin bread into a thousand and 40 pieces
So they could become Spirits of Time

As I turn these old pages
The night is shrouding on
And the chariot of crowned child brings the first light

Then I learn how to teach
When I’m called to shut up
Closing doors of my life for human nature


It’s hard as brazil!

          Widow’s Daughter

He is in Her place
But Her chalice pours when we must drink
This New Aeon implicit in Time
Lights Her path just when He must go

Dead Clowns’ procession walks
The flower withers to their song
Their vision kills the faith
Their crucifix spays the Earth
But who gives birth to the blessing?

N.O.S. is over. This time the New meets the Old
Backstager soul, is Truth for everybody to know?

(I’m the skies; I’m the soul; I’m the nature; I’m the world
I’m the skies; I’m the soul; I’m the nature; I’m the world
In the skies; in the soul; I’m the nature… Mother Nature… Mother Nature…
I’m you. I’m everybody. Everyone is me. Who am I?)

          The Mirror

     I: All I See

The Mirror found me between the sheets of violet pleasures
The Mirror called me from deep wet circles on bar tables
The Mirror caught me in secret prisons by the rainbow
The Mirror showed me the private visions of my Ego Clown
Who is the jester chained down the wall?

I saw the unseen and thus my eyes could see no more
I loved the Hearts’ Queen. See my dead head upon her pole
I clutched the answers and blind I walk cold floored halls
Crimson tears – the Ego Clown. Who’s the jester?

     II: Circlues (instrumental)

     III: The Dark Room

Jokes… They creep behind my tear drops.
Boats… They float your calm red river
Dopes… The crushed blue pills on the floor
The crushed dreams on my cold soul
The scarlet visions once called “Home”
Distorted earphones come undone
Chameleon actress dreams her role
The broken mirror rips my hopes
My sheets entwined still love your clothes
The jester’s passion overflows
My outfits blame my sinner core
Emotions tangle with bourbon
To drown my feelings, stubborn.
The circus kisses its son back home
“When one is all and all is one”
To be a clown and not to mourn

     IV: The Ego Clown

The childhood dreams die – Ego Clown
Who has seen their lies? – Ego Clown
Who has been his life? – Ego Clown
Who cries the tearsmile? – Ego Clown
Who saw the unseen? – Ego Clown
Who loved the Heart’s Queen? – Ego Clown
Who clutched the answers? – Ego Clown
Around the Sun, runs – Ego Clown
Around the Sun, runs… Ego Clown
Around the Sun, runs… Ego Clown
Around the Sun, runs… Crimson Clown
Around the Sun, runs… Ego Clown

          The Last Ride, part 1

In the end, you take a look and see
Things are not the way they used to be
There’s no one left to blame
And you’ll never be the same (again)

No one left to tell you what to do
No one saying what’s the right for you
Anything to call your own
And no flag to turn you on (No inheritance at all !)

Free the gods from religious doctrines
Free the love from rings and family trees
Feel the real abolishment
It’s just a ride. Enjoy the End!

          The Last Ride, part 2

A New Time is coming and, believe, you’re a Star (N.O.S. is over !)
Read our secret ancient creeds. Ride unicorns in spots
Now enquire why are ensnared
Older nights to eat raw days

If light lurks, unite my inner news and thy ice (N.O.S. is over !)
Try to feel the real in three dimensions of time
No more time for fear and hate
It’s just a ride. Enjoy the end

          Fatality Show

… and now, the news:
You have been waiting for some new press
Some new cliffs you can climb
A good relief to smooth your old stress
The Mirror of your mankind

But, who can stand to face the Abyss
When the Abyss is facing back?
It is so deep, but still so colourful
You’re shallow, but you’re black

The Abyss will look inside you (look inside you)
Look inside you (look inside you)
Will look inside you (look inside, Will)
Look inside…

We cannot feed you with new data. We’re not happening lately
We’re simulations, we’re raw
The new is not the way it once was on the golden bright days
Is there some thrill on the Lawn?

But is this virtual role playing game more real than reality?
You block real doors and paint this fake smile
And comfortably you wear the masks of your sanity

          Symptoms of Life

It’s done. It’s far too late
There’s no time for you to fear and hate
Your life was just a ride
Say goodbye to it and face your death with pride

Although you’ve had eyes, could not see the place
Although you’ve had ears, could not hear the phrase
Although you’ve had heart, could not feel the grace
Her inner realm and myth are born in flame

Is there any help for…



You block my way, but soon you find
The more you push, the closer I get
I move your stones and grow strong
I learn from fixing all you mess
Take my love for life
Take my will to live
And I will find another
I always find another

As I climb the hill, the way up hardens
You come and chain balls to my feet
But I’m laughing as I’m dragged down
The best of fun is the downhill
‘Cause if now I won’t clomp
The top of this hill
I know I’ll climb another
I always find another

I Am what you’re not
You’re nothing to me
What I decide will be

My strength comes from
The Good I believe
That lies inside of me
Be done my will, now here

Have you tried to face the world my way?
Don’t you have a good deed to do?
While you are planning to hurt me
I’m giving all my best for you
‘Cause all that you plant
Will grow around you
This world is just a reflex
And you receive what you give

It’s fun to think of those like you
That’s worthless. I don’t give a care
‘Cause you can’t see nothing but you
And I have a world to conquer
My victory is not
To leave any loser
And you are just another
And you are just so pitiful

And I wish you all the best
You and your lack of talent


It all begins at the Rue Le Tabel
Where grass grows so green,
Water flows from The Well

Where the Light burns so blue
And the Love burns as soon
As the Life burns so bright
As the Pigeons fly through


Ad Rosam per Crucem
Ad Crucem per Rosam
In eaeis gemmatus, resurgam

Non nobis, non nobis Domine
Sed nominis tui gloriae solae